Lauren Roskoph & Lisa Neimeth

Driven by a shared connection, appreciation, and  mutual collection of each other’s work, Lisa Neimeth Ceramics and Lauren & Gracia Jewelry set out to collaborate on a line of jewelry that evokes the mood and spirit in which they both approach their work.

Both artists convey a sense of rustic elegance in their work; Lauren inspired by ancient sculptural shapes and Lisa with her passion for found and vintage objects that she uses to impress and etch into clay. They share a passion for the subtle textures of the natural world as that finds its way into the pattern and design in both jewelry and ceramics.

Lisa Neimeth Ceramics and Lauren & Gracia Jewelry share a primitive and imperfect but finely crafted quality that translates naturally into these wearable talismans. The result is this unique collection that combines the figurative visions of Lisa’s work along with the trademark hand-knotted leather and sculpted silver beads of  Lauren & Gracia Jewelry.

“Lauren Roskoph and Lisa Neimeth Collaboration creates jewelry” from San Francisco Chronicle: Read the story.
“Objects of Desire: Silver Service” from Modern Luxury Silicon Valley – November/December 2016: Read – Modern Luxury Silicon Valley.

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