Jewelry Care and Repair

Our jewelry is made by hand in our Northern California studio from recycled sterling silver and naturally dyed leather. All Diamonds are ethically sourced and certified Conflict-free.

Leather is a natural and delicate material and needs to be handled with care. The leather will soften over time with the natural oils of your skin and will retain its strength and beauty if kept free from water. Water will speed up the aging process and may cause it to shrink and crack.

Do not use liquid or ultrasonic cleaners.

To restore the natural luster of sterling silver, use a soft polishing cloth. Please avoid contacting the leather with a polishing cloth.

Silver will tarnish by nature if not worn. Attention and periodic maintenance goes a long way in preventing build-up that may be harder to clean over time.

The best way to keep to your jewelry from further tarnishing is to store in a zip locked plastic bag.

We will repair any item purchased through Lauren Gracia Items purchased through our retailers must be returned to the retailer to process the repair. We do not support products that have been purchased from a non-authorized Lauren & Gracia Jewelry Retailer. All items submitted for repair must be accompanied by a sales receipt.

Repair services for damaged and worn jewelry are provided upon request. Upon receipt and review of your item, we will contact you with an estimate of cost and time needed to complete your order. We do our best to satisfy our customers, but depending on the condition and age, some pieces may be harder to repair.

Lost items are not considered a manufacturing defect. We recommend that you periodically inspect clasps and other closures for secure fit. If adjustment is needed, please submit for repair. We cannot make a single earring to replace a lost mate. We can help you find a replacement pair or similar pair to purchase at full retail price.