Building on their friendship of over a decade, in January of 2008, Lauren and Gracia struck up an effortless partnership designing jewelry out of a little studio in Northern California. In a bit of family lore that is altogether relevant, over time the two serendipitously discovered that 20 years prior, Lauren’s mother – an artist herself – had her first showing in Gracias’ mother’s gallery.

Blending the timeless sculptural elements of lost wax casting with the softness of fine leather, the Lauren & Gracia collection conveys a rare artistic expression that is at once raw and refined, contemporary and definitively classic. Ancient forms and subtle textures of surfaces in the natural world are among the influences. The textured details in the metal work have been part of the brand’s very soul since its inception, transforming aspects of the old into modern elegance that transcends time.

After eight inspirational years co-creating, in 2016, Gracia made a happy transition into aboutretirement. The two women’s connection – based on a shared passion and friendship – continues. As Lauren ushers the brand into its next chapter, she remains grateful for the journey they embarked on together, that yielded the “uncommon elegance” that has become known across the country as Lauren & Gracia Jewelry.